Office of Ethics and Compliance


Statement on Kennametal Code of Conduct

Kennametal’s Code of Conduct is a key part of our core values and defines our “winning with integrity” culture and mindset.  The Code of Conduct defines the values and principles upon which Kennametal operates its business, competes in the marketplace, and serves our customers around the world.  For more than 75 years, Kennametal has been committed to not only compliance with all applicable laws, but also conducting business with the highest ethical principles.

Kennametal trains and encourages its global team to embrace the Code of Conduct to ensure we maintain our strong ethical culture.  The Kennametal Office of Ethics and Compliance is available to provide guidance to employees and others regarding ethics and compliance questions, including our Code of Conduct, wherever Kennametal operates.  Kennametal is also committed to fully investigating all reported instances of misconduct and to maintaining a strong non-retaliation policy for those that report concerns.

Core Values

Integrity: Treat people fairly, demonstrate trust, and always do the right thing.

Environment: Be a sensible steward of natural resources and our environment.

Customers: Understand their business, anticipate their needs, and deliver value to make our customers more competitive.

Innovation: Foster creativity, think outside of established or perceived boundaries, and engage in informed risk taking to set us apart from the competition.

People: Work hard to attract, engage, develop, and retain the best  people and provide a great place to work that is inclusive and provides opportunities for continuous learning.

Performance: Deliver top-tier results, relentlessly focus on execution of our plans, and consistently meet our stated goals by fostering a culture of performance and accountability.


Ethics Helpline

If you have an ethics or compliance concern, it's important to bring those concerns to the attention of the Kennametal’s Office of Ethics and Compliance. Our Helpline answers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No call tracing or recording devices are ever used. Your report will always be maintained confidentially and you may remain completely anonymous (where allowed by law) when you report a concern.

For those in the United States and Canada, the HelpLine toll-free number is 1.877.781.7319.
For those outside of the United States and Canada, contact the HelpLine by first dialing the applicable AT&T access code at this link. You may also contact Kennametal’s Office of Ethics and Compliance directly by dialing 1.412.248.8275 or by emailing us at

Online Helpline Reporting

Ethics and compliance concerns may also be submitted confidentially and anonymously to the Office of Ethics and Compliance through our online Helpline portal:

HelpLine for global reporting (CNIL)       HelpLine for reporting in France and Germany


Ethics and Compliance Literature

Kennametal Global Non-Retaliation and Reporting Obligation Policy

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Did You Know?

Our Global Director of Ethics & Compliance, Seth Rice, is serving up Kennametal Tips for building a strong ethical foundation at your company!