Dura-Plus™ and Tri-Braze™ Wear Plates

Kennametal’s Dura-Plus and Tri-Braze alloy steel wear plates are designed for applications with abrasion and impact challenges. They significantly outperform standard abrasion-resistant (AR) steels.



       Both Plates:

  • Available in thicknesses from 3/16” to 3/4”.
  • Ideal for applications with impact and sliding abrasion.
  • Manufactured in thicknesses from 1” to 10”.
  • Excellent for applications with wear from abrasion and impact.
  • Consistent through-hardness levels.
  • Last significantly longer than competitive wear plates.

Many of our customers have achieved 2x to 5x longer wear life compared to competitive steel plates.

Dura-Plus Wear Plates

Dura-Plus plates have a maximum thickness of 3/4” and an average hardness of 470 BHN. They are weldable, formable, and designed for high impact and abrasive conditions where protection is needed.

Tri-Braze Plates

These plates are available in thicknesses from 1” to 10”. Tri-Braze plates have the right balance of alloying elements, controlled heat treating, and very low sulfur levels. This creates an ideal hardness-to-toughness ratio that makes Tri-Braze perfect for tough abrasion and impact applications.

Tri-Braze Case Study

Where to Use These Plates

Compare to AR Steels


Features and Benefits


• Average hardness of 470 BHN.

• Dura-Plus chemistry provides excellent weldability in field conditions.

• Balanced alloy steel chemistry for excellent
hardness/toughness ratio.

• Extremely low sulfur content, fine-grain structure, and excellent internal cleanliness provides high impact resistance.

• Dura-Plus chemistry and processing ensures full hardness throughout the plate. This avoids the soft middle of lesser quality plates.

• Available in thicknesses up to 20mm (3/4"),
widths up to 3048mm (120"), and lengths up to 5880mm (240").

• Easier to fabricate and weld compared to steels of similar hardness.




• High hardness for better wear resistance (445 BHN).

• Proprietary alloy steel chemistry and processing create the optimum balance of hardness and toughness.

• Full hardness throughout the plate avoids the
soft middle of lesser quality plates.

• Excellent weldability in field conditions.

• Available in thicknesses up to 254mm (10"),
widths up to 3048mm (120"), and lengths up
to 7315mm (288").

• Extremely low sulfur content, fine-grain
structure and excellent internal cleanliness provide high impact resistance.

• Long performance life and less downtime lower overall maintenance costs.

• Less prone to cracking during welding than
competitive plates, so welding on-site is easier.