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High-Feed Milling Cutters
High-Feed Milling Cutters
High-Feed Milling Cutters
High-Feed Milling Cutters


High-Feed Milling Cutters

SAP Material Number 6025590
ISO Catalog Number C7792VXD09CA1.00Z3R2
ANSI Catalog Number C7792VXD09CA1.00Z3R2
[D1MAX] Maximum Cutting Diameter 25.4000
[D1MAX] Maximum Cutting Diameter 1.000
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 25.4
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 1.0
[L] Overall Length 203.2000
[L] Overall Length 8.000
[L2] Head Length 50.8000
[L2] Head Length 2.000
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth 1.5000
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth .0591
[Z] Number of Flutes 3
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Uses and application

  • 端面铣削端面铣削
  • 坡铣: 毛坯坡铣: 毛坯
  • 螺旋铣削螺旋铣削
  • 刀座刀座
  • 插铣: 球形刀尖插铣: 球形刀尖
  • 沉孔加工沉孔加工
  • Slotting: ShoulderSlotting: Shoulder
  • Spiral CircularSpiral Circular
  • Inclined Square End MillInclined Square End Mill
  • 铣削 —  贯通式冷却铣削 — 贯通式冷却
  • 刀柄 —  圆柱  平面刀柄 — 圆柱 平面

Features and benefits

  • Superior surface generation with integrated wiper facet.

  • Maximum material removal rates.

  • Suitable to machine HTA and titanium.

  • Ultra-fine pitch cutters available to increase material removal rates, especially on high-temp alloys.

  • Positive design to support lower cutting forces and long overhang usage.

  • Ramping and plunge milling capabilities.

备件 for 7792VXD09 Cylindrical Shank

.3508T SCREW M 3,5X8; TORX® T1
.3508T SCREW M 3,5X8; TORX® T1