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Mill 4™ Series

Screw-On End Mills • Mill 4-11™

Features and benefits
  • One tool for all applications: from roughing to finishing.

  • Superior wall and surface finish capabilities. Best choice for stepping down operations.

  • Up to 0.433” (11mm) depth of cut.

  • Screw-on cutters provided better rigidity and stability when used with small spindles: BT30, BT40, DV40, HSK50, HSK63, etc.

  • Screw-on cutters can be less expensive when compared to cylindrical shank cutters due to their higher flexibility through multiple holder combinations.
Product specifications
Product # 6139895
ISO Catalog Number M4D125L1105M16L175
ANSI Catalog Number M4D125L1105M16L175
First Choice NA Y
[D1]Effective Cutting Dia In 1.250
[D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch 1.142
[DPM]Pilot Dia Machine Side In .6690
[L2]Head Length Inch 1.750
[WF] Width of Flat Metric 24
[AP1MAX]1st Max Cut Depth In .4330
Number of Inserts 5
Weight Pounds .49
Max RPM 29200
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Screw-On End Mills

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade First Choice NA First Choice EMEA First Choice AP [D1]Effective Cutting Dia In [D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch [DPM]Pilot Dia Machine Side In [G3X]CL_CONN_THD_SIZE_MS_EXT [L2]Head Length Inch [WF] Width of Flat Metric [AP1MAX]1st Max Cut Depth In Number of Inserts Weight Pounds Max RPM
6139893 M4D075L1103M10L110 M4D075L1103M10L110 Y N N .7500 .705 .4130 M10 1.100 15 .4330 3 .01 41700
6139894 M4D100L1104M12L125 M4D100L1104M12L125 Y N N 1 .827 .4920 M12 1.250 17 .4330 4 .19 33900
6139895 M4D125L1105M16L175 M4D125L1105M16L175 Y N N 1.250 1.142 .6690 M16 1.750 24 .4330 5 .49 29200

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • 端面铣削
  • 侧铣/方肩铣削: 方头立铣
  • 槽铣: 方头立铣
  • 铣削 — 贯通式冷却
  • 刀柄 — 旋入式

备件 for Screw-On End Mills • Mill 4-11 • Inch