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Augers and Drilling Systems

C-Tubing (1-1/8" Hex Drill Systems)

Features and benefits
• Order as “C [length in inches] C”. (Example: for an 8-ft length,
order C096C; full-length tubing, C144C).
• Standard lengths listed. Contact your nearest
Kennametal Representative regarding custom lengths.
Product specifications
Product # 1011516
ISO Catalog Number C042C TUBING
ANSI Catalog Number C042C TUBING
[OAL]Overall Length Inch 42
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Filter By:
Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [OAL]Overall Length Inch
1011512 C024C TUBING C024C TUBING 24
1011523 C072C TUBING C072C TUBING 72
1011521 C060C TUBING C060C TUBING 60
1011532 C120C TUBING C120C TUBING 120
1011520 C054C TUBING C054C TUBING 54
1011516 C042C TUBING C042C TUBING 42
1011515 C036C TUBING C036C TUBING 36
1011526 C084C TUBING C084C TUBING 84
1011525 C078C TUBING CO78C TUBING 78
1011535 C144C TUBING C144C TUBING 144
1011529 C096C TUBING C096C TUBING 96
1011517 C048C TUBING C048C TUBING 48