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Use Case

  • Maschine: Wirtgen W210i (2180h)
  • Engine Power: 283 + 231 kW
  • Line Spacing: 25mm (Eco Cutter Drum)
  • Width of drum: 2000mm
  • Werkzeugaufnahmen: HT22 (almost new, good condition)
  • Holders on drum: 100
  • Belt condition: Gut
  • Track pad condition: Mittel


  • Total m²: 19.283 m² 
  • Total m³: 1.353 m³
  • Total tons: 3.247 tons (density: 2400kg/m³)
  • Total fuel (PCD): 830l + 467l = 1297l
  • Total fuel (Carbide): 834l + 500l = 1334l

Use Case

  • Maschine: Wirtgen W210XP
  • Holder System: HT22 (new)
  • Stechbreite 2,2 mm
  • Line Spacing: 10mm
  • Werkstoff: Asphalt (medium hard)
  • Cutting Depth: 2 – 6cm
  • Geschwindigkeit Varying up to 30m/min


  • Total square meter: 77,000
  • Cutting depth average: 4cm
  • Total cubic meters: 3,080

Road King Xtreme vs. a conventional tool body after 20,000m2 of asphalt

Use Case

  • Maschine: Wirtgen W150 CFI
  • Holder System: HT22 (new)
  • Stechbreite 2,2 mm
  • Line Spacing: 18mm
  • Werkstoff: Asphalt (very hard)
  • Schnitttiefe apvariierend bis .0197
  • Geschwindigkeit Varying up to 25m/minn


  • Time in use: 65h
  • Total tons: 5,802
  • Total square meters: 28,372
  • Total cubic meters: 2,321
  • Depending on application this equals approx. 11 sets of conventional carbide tools

Balanced wear on all units after milling more than 65 hours

Use Case

  • Maschine: Wirtgen 2200
  • Stechbreite 2,2 mm
  • Werkstoff: Asphalt (high proportion of quartz)
  • Schnitttiefe (ap)
  • Velocity: 20m/min
  • Fuel Consumption: 235 liters / 4h


  • In this case, conventional tools are changed three times per shift. Each change takes roughly 20 minutes. 
  • Time needed with conventional tools: 01:20 Stunden
  • Time needed with Road King Xtreme: 2.5 Hours
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