Hardfaced Components

Hardfacing of components is often the best solution when wear is localized in an application, or when the best material is difficult to cast.

Our wide range of materials and surfacing processes, including thermal spraying and welding, enable us to use targeted coatings to solve your difficult wear problems.

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (JetKote™ HVOF)

  • Very dense coatings, excellent bonding, minimal metallurgical changes, minimal temperature effects to the substrate.

Plasma Spraying

  • High-quality and dense coating, ideal for high melting-point materials.

Flame Spraying

  • Widely applicable, relatively low cost, if fused – metallurgical bond with substrate, liquid and gas tight.

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)

  • Highly automated, high powder utilization, low dilution, wide range of hardfacing materials available.

Manual Metal Arc Welding

  • Flexible, low cost, mobile, ideal for repairs.

TIG Welding

  • Manual operation, can be mechanized, low dilution.