Kennametal employee training session

Kennametal's training and development programs will keep you growing.

Continuous employee development is critical to Kennametal's success. It enables us to compete and win in the global marketplace, while encouraging you to reach your goals and stay challenged. Our talent development initiatives include a series of tools and programs that help you maximize your abilities and develop new skills throughout every phase of your career.

Our Business School of E-Learning offers access to an e-learning portal with courses in a variety of areas, including IT, management and project management. It also offers online tools to help direct your career.

Our Organizational Effectiveness School offers a variety of resources, including a sales effectiveness curriculum, matrix training, knowledge management, performance management, 360 feedback and career development.

Our Talent and Leadership School provides curriculums that build the skills of our supervisors and managers. We also offer mentoring and coaching. We have yearly conferences for developing leaders as they progress in their careers. The talent team supports diversity and inclusion by leading Kennametal's inclusion conferences and initiatives around the globe.

The Kennametal Knowledge Center offers technical training programs that cover a wide spectrum, including metal-cutting, application engineering and machining. It also collaborates with our technology and marketing teams to provide sales and distribution training.