Frequently asked questions for Kennametal internships.

Kennametal appreciates your interest in our internship programs. We invite you to take a look at the responses to some of our most frequently asked questions.

While interning with Kennametal, will I be included in important communications regarding the company?
Yes! It is important to us that all of our employees are well informed about company initiatives and performance. All employees have the opportunity to learn about financial performance, company successes and strategic plans through quarterly business review meetings with our executives, our quarterly publication Kennametal World and our company Infonet.

Will my internship be a paid position? If so, how often?
Yes. Kennametal internships are paid, based on a competitive, established pay rate and timeframe per location. Primarily, the pay schedule is semi-monthly.

Is housing available for out-of-town students?
Most locations do have local college dorms available for interning students. Housing information is provided during the interview stage.

How will I receive constructive feedback on my personal performance?
Each intern participates in the Kennametal Performance Review process. At the beginning of an assignment, your manager will set expectations for your time with us. Throughout the internship, your manager will provide feedback and coaching to help you develop. At the end of the assignment, your manager will provide an overall performance rating and provide constructive feedback.

How long does the typical internship last?
The typical U.S. internship starts at the beginning of the summer break and lasts until the new fall school semester begins. This can vary, depending on school schedules and locations.

Can students receive college credits for the internships?
Course credit is determined by the educational institution, but, in most cases, the internship satisfies coursework credit.