Kennametal interns meeting with a mentor

For new graduates, Kennametal is the perfect place to begin a career.

As a recent or upcoming graduate, you are seeking an opportunity to prove yourself and grow. Whatever your major and area of specialization, you will find Kennametal an excellent place for your first full-time job.

We’ll welcome you
Kennametal provides new employees with a full orientation and overview of the company. We’ll also arrange initial on-the-job training for you in your specific discipline, as well as connect you within your department to help you adjust to your responsibilities and find your way within our team.

We’ll challenge you
Perhaps the best advantage of joining us is the fact that we are a leading global company, with challenging, high-level assignments that will stretch your talents. You’ll thrive in our collaborative setting as you learn from experienced co-workers while taking a hands-on and independent approach to major projects with real, bottom-line impact. You may even enjoy global exposure with colleagues around the world.

We’ll develop you
Kennametal will continue to help you grow through ongoing training in your area, as well as specialized education and personal development in areas such as Lean, Six Sigma and leadership. We also offer tuition reimbursement, if you choose to continue your formal education. In addition, your manager will work with you to help determine and explore your specific areas of interest. You won’t stay in the same role forever, with the potential to explore new assignments, advance or transfer internally.

New graduates are always encouraged to apply for appropriate roles at Kennametal in all areas of our operations.

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