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Kennametal's expertise extends to nearly every industry and spans the globe. We support enterprises operating in everything from airframes to coal mining, from engines to natural gas wells, from turbochargers to construction. From Pittsburgh to Tokyo, Buenos Aires to Beijing and Moscow to Fürth, our geographic reach is just as broad. Take a closer look at the various industries we partner with.

Kennametal Locations

Take a closer look at the various industries we partner with.

Aerospace and Defense
By providing high-performance tools that reduce cost and risk, we help our global aviation and defense customers compete effectively in the manufacture of engines, airframes, landing gear and instrumentation.

Whether our clients are drilling for oil or gas, generating power or seeking wear-resistant technologies, we provide proven, advanced solutions that are engineered to outperform in the most demanding environments.

When clients are building, mining, drilling, road planning or trenching, they need tools that are up to the challenge. Our solutions are proven worldwide as the toughest, strongest and longest lasting in the industry.

We are a strong player in the transportation field, pioneering innovative solutions for automotive, shipbuilding and railroad customers. In today's market, no one equals our level of innovation, service and quality.

General Engineering
We serve many diverse markets, providing materials and solutions that are engineered and manufactured to meet customers' specific applications - and help them compete in an ever-changing environment.