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Virtually unbreakable

Duo-Lock is a new revolutionary coupling for solid carbide end milling applications.
This replaceable head design combines a high accuracy in runout and length repeatability with maximum stability, making it a precise and virtually unbreakable interface.

High Performance HARVI Geometry

High metal removal rates with up to 1 x D full slotting and up to 1,5 x D side milling at 50% ae capability.


Benefit from 50μm / 0.002" axial repeatability from tip-to-tip, independent from batch of tips.

Intelligent Thread

Ensures that stress levels remain below critical values.

3rd Contact Surface

Delivers high stiffness and accuracy below 5μm / 0.0002" runout.

Double Cone

Eliminates expensive presetting processes by providing an axial repeatability of 10μm / 0.0004".

37/39° Variable Helix Technology

Minimizes chatter and harmonics for smoother machining

Asymmetrical Flute Spacing

Reduces vibrations, improving surface finish.

Flute Spacing & Helix

Asymmetrical flute spacing and variable helix configuration minimizes chatter and harmonics for smoother machining.

Cutting action

Center cutting.

Set up Reduction

Single tool for both roughing and finishing operations requiring fewer setups.


Conical shape for best results in full slot milling and side milling.


Pull out protection with Safe-Lock™.


Strongest combination with Safe-Lock™ adaptors or sleeves.


• Other adaptor styles can be utilized as well.
• Recommended adaptors: HydroForce, ShrinkFit and Milling Chucks.

1. Clean both sides

Clean both sides of the coupling before clamping

2. High quality torque wrench

Use a high quality torque wrench!


For highest runout accuracy. No one-sided clamping.

Power Transmission

Optimal power transmission by constant force application.

Highest Clamping Forces

Maximum torque for highest clamping forces.


Extension handles recommended for DL25 and DL32.