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Machining Titanium

Beyond BLAST Increases Tool Life Up to 100% When Machining Titanium

aerospace_flaptrackIt’s hard to be popular but not well liked. Titanium is like that. It’s fast becoming a favored material for aerospace applications, but has a reputation for poor machinability.


Titanium can be expensive to machine. Components are usually carved out of the material, so there’s a lot of material waste. The cutting tool, not the material, absorbs the intense heat during machining, which often causes premature tool failure. Because it usually runs at low RPMs, it’s a slow material to machine. Titanium also is highly flammable and poses potential safety risks.

You need tools that go fast, stay cool, increase your output, and complete the job without failure.

BeyondBlast_milling: width=Kennametal Beyond BLAST™ for milling and turning does all this, and more. The unique design delivers coolant through the insert to the cutting edge. Coolant meets the material at the point of the cut, drowning heat before it builds. Flammability risk is reduced, too.

Tool life increases up to 100% compared to conventional coolant delivery tools. Beyond BLAST™ inserts last up to four times longer than standard inserts.

Available in:
Beyond BLAST face mills
Beyond BLAST copy mills
Beyond BLAST negative C-style turning carbide inserts


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