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ROCTEC Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles

ROCTEC® Composite Carbide for Abrasive Waterjet (AWJ) Applications

ROCTEC® abrasive waterjet (AWJ) nozzles are made from our proprietary process combining advanced materials without the need for a soft metal binder, as with traditional sintering technology using tungsten carbide/cobalt.

Together, our unique material and process technologies minimize nozzle wear, which allows longer cutting periods while maintaining precision performance. This same advantage in technologies ensures consistency in each nozzle, eliminating the need to reprogram a job when replacing a nozzle. 

ROCTEC® composite carbide is a tungsten carbide-based material made by the patented Rapid Omnidirectional Compaction (ROC) process that only Kennametal is licensed to use for these products.

The biggest factor in nozzle wear resistance is the material from which they are made. ROCTEC® nozzles are made from a unique material system made possible by a unique processing technique.

The ROCTEC process enables these advanced ceramic materials to be combined without using a soft metal binder. Tungsten carbide/cobalt that uses traditional sintering technology needs a soft metal binder.

In the ROC process, AWJ nozzles are formed using very short consolidation cycles. This minimize the natural tendency of ceramic particles to enlarge when exposed to high heat for long periods. Eliminating a metallic binder and maintaining extra-fine grain size mean better nozzle performance. The result is an extremely durable material that fiercely resists abrasive and erosive wear.

Wanted: Waterjet Nozzle Performance Seekers

The most trusted and widely used brand of waterjet nozzles has taken it's already stellar performance to the next level. Introducing ROCTEC® APX, your ticket to increase nozzle life and precision performance by as much as 20%.


ROCTEC® APX is the newest, most technologically advanced abrasive water jet nozzle in the ROCTEC® line. Elevate your AWJ nozzle performance to take on any challenge.

Superior abrasive waterjet nozzle performance by every measure

Superior wear resistance means a reduction in the number of AWJ nozzles purchased over time. Longer AWJ nozzle life also results in a better jet pattern and increased velocity. This means faster average cutting speeds and significantly less downtime for nozzle replacement and system calibration.

This also translates to greater dimensional accuracy and the ability to perform longer, uninterrupted cuts. These enhancements ensure a more cost effective cutting process.

Without an efficient nozzle (focusing tube, mixing tube) all the advantages of abrasive water jet cutting technology are severely restricted:

  • Cutting speed is reduced.
  • Water and abrasives usage escalates.
  • Cutting precision is diminished as the original best jet pattern and abrasive velocity are lost.
  • Reject rates increase.
  • System downtime increases because nozzles must be checked, changed, and monitored before getting the system back up to full production.

The biggest factor in AWJ nozzle efficiency is wear resistance. If you can maintain optimum jet patterns and abrasive velocities longer, productivity and quality increase. The return on the large investment in your AWJ cutting system multiplies.