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Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle

With APX nozzles there is no job too challenging or complex, and now waterjet shops can meet any demands with faster production speeds and longer production periods. ROCTEC® APX also enables customers to integrate the latest technological advancements in waterjet pumps and cutting heads.

In other words, there’s nothing APX series of ROCTEC® nozzles can’t handle. 

Longer nozzle life - because who doesn't need Less Downtime and Higher Productivity?

New ROCTEC® APX extends abrasive waterjet nozzle life as much as 20% over industry-leader ROCTEC® 500. It provides a longer period of precision cutting while increasing operational efficiency. Its long life and consistent wear sets a new standard for high-performance cutting.

  • Longer uninterrupted cuts
  • Precision cutting performance
  • Fewer nozzle changes for greater uptime

Exclusively from Kennametal.


Uniform bore growth maintains identical cutting accuracy and tolerance for every nozzle.


Eliminate premature nozzle failures & scrap parts due to nozzle performance.


Nozzles maintain the same accuracy througout repeated cut cycles.



"This nozzle raises the performance bar beyond ROCTEC® 500, and allows our machine operators to focus on other tasks while running production jobs."

- Tim Davis
Waterjet Production Manager
Fedtech Inc.



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ROCTEC® APX is the newest, most technologically advanced water jet machine nozzle in the ROCTEC® line. It systematically outperforms all other abrasive water jet nozzles.

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