Drums and Block Systems for Road Milling

Travel to the beat of a different drum - road milling drum, that is. One that’s custom-designed just for your road milling job, synchronized so expertly the conicals hit the road in perfect rhythm, and backed by a full drum warranty program.


Smooth Vanes Due to the New block Form

  • Increased loading capacity.
  • Better cleaning and material evacuation.
  • Less tool and holder wear.
  • Increased tool life.


End Ring Design with Interchangeable Sections

  • Clean edge cut.
  • Lower cost.


Kennametal’s Road-Ready™ Road Rehabilitation Drums

Our drums are different than others on the market.

Each drum is custom designed and computer engineered. Each features synchronized lacing patterns designed especially for your application.

What does that mean for you?

The cutting bits on the drum are patterned in perfect synchronization so they work together in a smooth rhythm and hit their mark each time.

You can view the road pattern at different speeds and RPMs before you buy the drum.

Our software and engineers create and map perfectly balanced drums so you get the very best performance at the job site.

Each drum has endrings designed to reduce wear and ensure straight cuts, is matched to any major OEM specifications, and is balanced to reduce machine vibration.

Our drums come standard with an ID plate, serial number, certificate of authenticity, and maintenance tool kit. Plus, our Road-Ready drums are backed by the Kennametal drum warranty.

Heavy-Duty Blocks and Sleeves

Tool your drums with Kennametal weld-on and quick-change blocks to keep the performance going.

Our KPF301 block system features a heavy-duty base that stands up to challenging conditions to give you extra performance life. The large block base means more weld area for more strength. The easy replacement sleeve requires no welding, and tools are easy to remove. KPF301 is an economical quick-change system.

Couple the KPF301 block with the KPF303R sleeve that features shorter extraction lengths than other sleeves. This means easier sleeve removal from the KPF301 base. The bore relief design makes it easier to remove asphalt build-up and broken shanks.

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