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Roadking_BIG _CTA_3

Introducing Road King™ Xtreme

The combined Strength of a PCD tip with the Flexibility of a Carbide tool (rotating base) delivers game-changing performance.


PCD Made Easy

Standard PCD tools are exhausting to replace, require specific tools, and result in hours of down time.

The new Road King Xtreme eliminates the common issues associated with other PCD applications.

Combining PCD with a rotating base minimizes downtime from obstacles like manhole covers, concrete utility patches, and asphalt by as much as 30%.

Road King Xtreme is compatible with all current standard mounts and takes no longer to change-out than normal carbide tools.

Don’t let varying road conditions slow you down. Stay running with Road King Xtreme and manage road hazards on your terms.

Road King Extreme Performance

Road King Xtreme vs. a convential tool body after 20,000m2 of asphalt




Don't Take Our Word For It


Proven performance: Extensive tests in varying cutting conditions with pictures and data.


Road King Xtreme Keeps You Running

Eliminate the need for frequent, time consuming tool change outs.

PCD provides the durability you need to tackle any road milling challenge.


Road King Xtreme:

  • Compatible with all standard holder systems.
  • Fast and easy tool change-outs.
  • Maximizes machine uptime and productivity
  • Enables the use of PCD without the risk of unnecessary machine downtime.

Are you ready for the only road milling tool offering the benefits of PCD with the flexibility of a rotating base?