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Kennametal produces cutting systems and wear solutions covering terrain levelers to microtrenchers, and everything in between, to keep your equipment running longer and performing better.

trenching machine

Leading-edge cutting solutions for trenching

The right cutting systems get the job done efficiently and last longer, and more uptime means more business.

Tooling may account for a fraction of the project cost, but has an enormous impact on overall production efficiency, quality, and value. The right tools are paramount in improving productivity, and the right partner is just as critical.

Need Support?

Our experts come on-site to optimize tool selection for your specific cutting conditions.

New Product Innovations

From terrain levelers to microtrenchers. Kennametal wear experts continually strive to provide new and innovative solutions for demanding applications.

trenching tool

42mm (SM Series) Platform for Terrain Levelers

  • Improved wear protection for better utilization of carbide tip
  • Brazing technology offers improved strength
  • Retainer designed for quick tool changing and stabilised rotation
  • Wide collar feature protects the block and improves machine productivity

30mm (KRH Series) Platform Improvements

  • Heat treatment process reduces steel wear and improves overall life
  • NB tip design provides maximum steel support
  • Proven TR3 retention system
trenching tool
trenching tool

 14mm (CM Series) Platform Improvements

  • New NB tip styles with different profile angles
  • Improved abrasion resistance. 
  • Uses easy-to-install/remove LR55 sleeve retainer.
  • Wide collar provides maximum block protection. 

 38/30 Platform Improvements

The RockRazor™ quick-change indexable cutting system enables use of a four-position flat spade tool for soft materials, and facilitates quick changes to carbide conicals for harder materials. 

  • Flexibility to easily change tool styles.
  • Less time changing tools boosts machine productivity.
  • Quick-change system results in less downtime.
trenching tool

Useful Links


 Tooling Solutions 

42mm cutting system

42mm Systems

Terrain Levelers

Our 42mm cutting systems includes drums, cutting teeth, blocks and accessories.


38/30mm Step Shank Systems

38/30mm Step Shank Systems

Bucket Wheel and Chain Trencher

Chain trenchers offer flexibility of working on either a narrow or wide trench. They are highly effective in medium to light conditions.

30mm Trenching Systems

30mm Systems

Demolition Tools and Wheel Trenchers

This systems can be used in a wide range of equipment and applications, to maximise productivity, minimise wear, and boost overall performance.  

25mm Trenching Systems

25mm Systems

Wheel and Chain Trenchers

Wheel trenchers offer great application versatility, these machines are designed for excavation while reducing ditch material left behind.

22mm Trenching Systems

22mm Systems

Small Wheel Trenchers

Designed to effectively excavate while reducing material left behind. Some common application examples include highway concrete cutters.

19mm–20mm Trenching Systems

19mm–20mm Systems

Small Chain Trenchers

Whether you are preparing a small or big trench for landscaping or plumbing, you want tooling that provides the highest productivity.

11mm–14mm Trenching Systems

11mm–14mm Systems

Microtrencher/Horizontal Directional Drilling

Micro-trenching offers increased efficiencies with narrow, shallow cuts accomplished in less time with fewer disturbances in busy environments.