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Turret adapted clamping units provide unmatched performance and guaranteed productivity improvement.


Ensure optimized machine utilization by increasing repeatability and reducing setup times.


Turret adapted clamping units are designed to fit specific machine-tool turret interfaces.


The offering covers various machine models from leading machine-tool builders such as DOOSAN™, HAAS™, HWACHEON™, HYUNDIA WIA, Mazak™, DMG Mori, and OKUMA™.


Standard portfolio features static blocks and driven tools for KM™ sizes 32, 40, 50, and 63.

NEW: Driven tools for ER sizes 25, 32, and 40.

Driven tools up to 12,000 RPM. Gear ratio 1:1.

Designed to fit machine-tool specific turret interfaces.

VDI mounted units for easy handling.

Bolt mounted units (BMT) for high rigidity.

Available with internal and external coolant supply.



ER Solid Collets

Adapt Screw-On Milling Cutters to CNC Lathes

Threaded solid ER collets turn CNC lathe machines into multitasking machines by providing access of any small diameter screw-on milling cutter to ER driven units.

These new solid ER collets increase machine utilization through modular flexibility.

The short projection from the face of the collet nut provides rigid toolholding and a smaller required machine envelope.

Compatible with all standard ER collet chucks and ER driven units.


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