HCTHT • Metric • BT40

order numbercatalog numberFIRST CHOICE EMEAD1D2L1L2L9Vactuation wrenchwrench size actuation screwwrench size stop screwkg
5520971 »BT40HCTHT20070MY205870434110170.1355 mm5 mm1,67
6048257 »BT40HCTHT32082MY328082825110170.1366 mm6 mm2,31
NOTE: Do not overtorque actuation screw. Tighten by hand until stop is felt. Hydraulic chuck technical section, see page [REFERENCE]. Supplied with stop screw. Actuation wrench must be ordered separately. Reduction sleeves are available and must be ordered separately; see page [REFERENCE]. For retention knobs, see page [REFERENCE].

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