Grooving and Part-Off Tooling

We offer Stellram internal and external grooving and part-off tools to handle a wide range of grooving applications. Choose from Ultra-Mini internal grooving tools, as well as part-off tooling.

Grades for Grooving Inserts

Stellram grades SP4030 and SP0436 for grooving inserts are PVD-coated grades with a micrograin substrate. They are designed for machining at higher speeds and lower feeds. These grades are ideal for use on stainless steels and ductile materials. See inch and metric grade descriptions.

Ultra-Mini Internal Grooving Tools

Our Ultra-Mini grooving inserts and tool holders portfolio features replaceable carbide inserts with minimum bores down to 0.157" and groove widths from 0.039" to 0.078". The inserts are designed for internal machining of small diameters, and are available in a range of reaches and groove width-to-length ratios. See the full inch and metric Ultra-Mini tool offering.

Also see inch and metric Mini-Cut for internal grooving.

Part-Off Grade MP91M and Inserts

Stellram grade MP91M for part-off applications is a CVD-coated grade with good wear and shock resistance. It is ideal for use on steels and cast irons. See inch and metric grade descriptions.