Heavy Duty Turning

Heavy duty machining is defined by one of four unique processes:

Bar Peeling – an extremely efficient method for sizing and finishing surfaces on round material stock.

General Purpose – tooling for any of a group of applications utilizing heavy depths of cut or cuts that require greater than average horsepower draw.

Railway – tooling built specifically for machining railway wheels and axles. In terms of wheel processing they are usually defined by group, such as “New” wheel tooling for machining newly cast or forged wheels; or “RWRT” (railway wheel re-turning) tooling for machining used wheels, and Form Milling tools for milling the form of used railway wheels.

Roll Turning – turning the hard surfaces of sheet metal or paper mill rolls. Where surface hardness can reach 65HRc, these turning operations are often good candidates for ceramic cutting tools.

The Stellram line of heavy duty machining tooling offers a wide selection of geometries and grades for cost effectively machining these four groups.

Because each application has its own challenges, we welcome special quotations.