Swiss Auto / Posimatic Inserts and Tool Holders for Heavy-Duty Turning Applications

We have range of turning inserts and tool holders for Swiss auto-type lathes with small cross section shanks, from .375" (10mm) square to .750" (20mm) square.

Included in the portfolio are the Stellram Posicut® positive inserts and toolholders and the Posimatic range for small-part machining of medical and watchmaker components.

Features and Benefits:

  • Nose radii starting at 0 (zero) for excellent surface finishes and sharp internal corners
  • Easy programming with equal shank and tool tip dimensions on all tool holders
  • Boring bars have standard coolant holes for better chip evacuation
  • Integral shank cut-off and grooving holders for maximum rigidity
  • Eliminate extra operations with back turning tool holders and inserts for turning behind a shoulder
  • Eliminate chatter with tungsten carbide reinforced boring bars

E-style Inserts Feature:

  • 75° inclusive cutting angle offers an advantage over C-style inserts
  • Greater radial clearance between workpiece and insert for profiling and chip evacuation.
  • More secure pocket design without compromising insert edge strength

See INCH and METRIC E-style inserts