Stellram Turning Grades

Choose from Stellram uncoated, CVD-coated, PVD-coated, and ceramic grades. The new NL CVD coatings have improved adhesion that than increase tool life up to 30%, or more. NL-grade inserts reduce kinetic friction, which improves surface finish. Use the First Choice guide to choose the right grade and geometry for the material and application.

Grade Selections:

Coating Type: CVD. First choice grade for machining cast iron. This grade has a very good resistance to wear and deformation. It's suitable for medium and finishing applications on gray and malleable cast irons. Available geometries: Medium – Roughing: 4U

Coating Type: CVD. Wear-resistant grade for semi-finishing and finishing applications. Suitable for stable conditions with limited interrupted machining. Available geometries: Finishing: 1B; Light-Medium Roughing: 2N; Roughing: 4T; Flat Top: Roughing

Coating Type: CVD. A tough but wear-resistant grade for medium and rough machining with light scale but no interruption. General purpose for steels and cast iron materials. Available geometries: Medium roughing: -73; Light-Medium Roughing: 2N; Roughing: 4T; Single-Sided Heavy Roughing: 5R; Medium – Roughing: -T

Coating Type: CVD. A very tough grade for medium and rough machining, primarily on stainless steel and exotic alloys. Good resistance to thermal diffusion, and accepts light interruption. Available geometries: Light Roughing – Semi-Finishing: 4E; Roughing: 4T; Single-Sided Heavy Roughing: 5R

Coating Type: CVD. A fine-grain but tough grade, with a high degree of edge security on steels and stainless steels. Performs well on rough and heavy machining applications, including interrupted applications. Available geometries: Light-Medium: 2N; Roughing: 4T; Single-Sided Heavy Roughing: 5R; Medium –Roughing: -73; Medium –Roughing: -T

Coating Type: PVD. A very wear-resistant micrograin substrate with a new generation of TiAlN coating. First choice for difficult-to-machine materials, including PH stainless steel. Requires higher cutting speeds in finishing and medium operations, with stable conditions and clean material. Available geometries: Finishing: 1B; Finishing-Light Roughing: 3F; Semi-Finishing – Light Roughing: 4E

Coating Type: PVD. A tough micrograin substrate with new generation TiAlN coating renders this PVD grade extremely hard for unmatched performance in all materials. Available geometries: Finishing: -62 (positive); Medium–Roughing: -X, -73 (positive), -T; Finishing–Light Roughing: 3J; Finishing: -61; Medium–Finishing: -15

Coating Type: Uncoated. A very wear-resistant uncoated micrograin for cast irons, hardened steel to 58 HRC, and non-ferrous alloys. Produces a low cutting pressure at high speed due to sharp cutting edge definition. Available positive geometries: Medium–Roughing: X; Medium–Finishing: -64, -66, M

Coating Type: Uncoated. A whisker ceramic grade for roughing and medium machining applications in high-temperature alloys. Excellent wear resistance with elevated cutting surface speeds. Available in two edge preparations: Finishing to medium: E010; Medium to roughing: E030