High-Performance Solid Carbide Drills

KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Without Coolant

Features and Benefits

  • The B94_ drill series without through coolant is specifically designed to machine hardened and surface hardened materials, using flood coolant. With its 145° point angle, it is also perfectly suited as pilot drill for the B95_ drill series with through coolant and 140° point for deeper applications.
  • KMH Point Design with curved cutting edge with corner chamfer for maximum corner stability in hard materials. It avoids chipping on cutting edge thus pre-mature wear.
  • Special flute design with strong web to increase the strength of the drill in tough applications with short chips. B94_ series with 15° helix angle to maximize stability in applications above 54 HRC.
  • Grade KCH10 on B94_ series consists of a special fine grain carbide substrate with higher hardness. It carries a high temperature and shock resistance AlTiN coating for machining hardened material to increase tool life.


B941A • ~3 x D

short • KCH10
D1 diameter
order numbershort • KCH10mminLL3L4 maxL5LSD
6358971 »B941Z025002,500.0984501690,5283
6594087 »B941Z028002,800.1102501690,5283
6483425 »B941Z029002,900.1142501690,5284
6358972 »B941A030003,000.1181622090,6366
6358973 »B941A033003,300.1299622090,6366
6358974 »B941A034003,400.1339622090,6366
6358975 »B941A035003,500.1378622090,7366
6358976 »B941A040004,000.15756624140,7366
6358977 »B941A042004,200.16546624140,8366
6358978 »B941A043004,300.16936636140,8366
6358979 »B941A045004,500.17726624140,8366
6358980 »B941A050005,000.19696628170,9366
6358981 »B941A051005,100.20086628170,9366
6358982 »B941A052005,200.20476628171,0366
6358983 »B941A055005,500.21656628171,0366
6358984 »B941A056005,600.22056628171,0366
6358985 »B941A060006,000.23626628171,1366
6358986 »B941A069006,900.27177934191,3368
6358987 »B941A070007,000.27567934191,3368
6358988 »B941A071007,100.27957941241,3368
6358989 »B941A080008,000.31507941241,4368
6358990 »B941A085008,500.33468947291,54010
6358991 »B941A086008,600.33868947291,64010
6358992 »B941A090009,000.35438947291,64010
6358993 »B941A1000010,000.39378947291,84010
6358994 »B941A1020010,200.401610255351,84512
6358995 »B941A1040010,400.409410255351,94512
6358996 »B941A1050010,500.413410255351,94512
6358997 »B941A1110011,100.437010255352,04512
6358998 »B941A1200012,000.472410255352,24512
6358999 »B941A1400014,000.551210760382,54514

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