Modular Drills

KSEM PLUS™ B1 Heads • Drill Fix™ DFC™ Inserts

Features and Benefits

  • Drill Fix DFC inserts for KSEM PLUS B1 heads feature a rhombic shape that creates a steeper cutting angle to prevent lid generation in material stacks.
  • DFC HPF inserts offer a special cutting geometry for strongly improved hole quality when drilling with KSEM PLUS B1 heads.
  • DFC HPF inserts are recommended to be used on KSEM PLUS B1 heads in combination with a KSEM FEG center insert.
  • KCU40™ is your first choice for high reliability when machining most materials for applications with medium cutting speeds. It features a multilayered TiAlN-PVD coating, providing high wear resistance in challenging conditions.
  • Two indexable cutting edges.



order numbercatalog numberGrademminmminmminmminmmin
6379468 »DFC040310D28HPFKCU4010,00.39407,64.30102,85.11203,18.12501,00.0390
6379469 »DFC05T312D32HPFKCU4012,00.47209,45.37203,40.13403,75.14801,20.0470
6379470 »DFC06T312D36HPFKCU4016,00.630012,47.49104,40.17303,75.14801,20.0470
6379611 »DFC070416D45HPFKCU4018,00.709014,57.57404,40.17304,75.18701,60.0630
6379612 »DFC090520D56HPFKCU4024,00.945019,10.75205,50.21705,25.20702,00.0790

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