• KC9110
  • Composition: Specially engineered, cobalt-enriched carbide grade with thick K-MTCVD-TiCN coating layer, an Al2O3 layer of controlled grain size, and outer layers of TiCN and TiN for maximum abrasion and wear resistance for high-speed machining.
    Application: An excellent finishing to medium machining grade for a variety of workpiece materials including most steels, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels, and cast irons. A balanced combination of deformation resistance and edge toughness. The smooth coating resists built-up edge and microchipping. For rougher cutting, use the KC9125 grade.

  • KC9125
  • Composition: A tough cobalt-enriched carbide grade with a newly designed multilayer K-MTCVD TiCNAl2O3-TiCN-TiN coating with superior interlayer adhesion.
    Application: General-purpose turning grade for most steels and ferritic and martensitic stainless steels. The substrate design ensures adequate deformation resistance along with excellent bulk toughness and insert edge strength. Coating layers offer wear resistance over a wide range of machining conditions and reduce frictional heat, minimise microchipping, and improve workpiece surface finishes. Performs well in moderately heavy roughing to semi-finishing cuts. Use the KC9110 grade for finishing cuts.

  • KC9225
  • MT-CVD-TiN-TiCN-Al2O3-TiN gradient carbide
    For continuous to slightly interrupted cuts
    For universal use in boring on stainless steels
    Reduced edge build up due to micro-polished surface

  • KC9240
  • Multi-layered Tin-MT-TiCN-Al2O3-TiN CVD coating over a tough, non-enriched carbide substrate
    Designed for tough boring applications at moderate speeds and feeds
    Combination of toughness, built-up edge resistance, and wear-resistance in stainless steel applications
    Excellent thermal/mechanical shock resistance makes KC9240 inserts ideally suited for even the most challenging stainless steel applications

  • KC9315
  • CVD-TiN-TiON-AL2O3-TiN coated carbide
    Extremely wear resistant for cutting cast iron materials
    Particularly efficient in the upper cutting speed range

  • KC9320
  • Composition: A proprietary specially toughened MTCVD-TICN and AI2O3 coating over a wear-resistant substrate.
    Application: KC9320 is specifically engineered to maximise coating adhesion and edge strength making this grade ideal in wet interrupted cutting of ductile and gray irons. It can be in a wide range of applications from finishing to roughing to maximise productivity wherever strength and reliability are needed.

  • KC5010
  • Composition: An advanced PVD AlTiN coating over a very deformation-resistant unalloyed carbide substrate. The new and improved coating enables speeds to be increased by 50–100%.
    Application: The KC5010 grade is ideal for finishing to general machining of most workpiece materials at higher speeds. Excellent for machining most steels, stainless steels, cast irons, non-ferrous materials, and super alloys under stable conditions. It also performs well machining hardened and short chipping materials.

  • KC5025
  • Composition: An advanced PVD-AlTiN-coated grade with a tough, ultra-fine-grain unalloyed substrate.
    Application: For general-purpose machining of most steels, stainless steels, high-temp alloys, titanium, irons, and non-ferrous materials. Speeds may vary from low to medium and will handle interruptions and high feed rates.

  • KC5410
  • Composition: A PVD TiB2 coating over a very deformation-resistant unalloyed substrate.
    Application: Designed for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing of free machining (hypoeutectic <12,2% Si) aluminium, aluminium alloys, and magnesium alloys. The TiB2 coating is harder than TiN and TiAlN coatings and has an extremely smooth surface, resulting in reduced surface friction, speedy chip flow, and outstanding wear resistance. Built-up edge is prevented because this coating has a very low affinity for aluminium. The substrate is unalloyed and fine grained and offers sharp edges, smooth surfaces, and excellent thermal deformation resistance and edge integrity. Inserts with a ground periphery are polished before coating and have a sharp edge. Moulded inserts have a light hone.

  • KT315
  • Composition: A multilayer PVD-TiN/TiCN/TiN-coated cermet turning grade.
    Application: Ideal for high-speed finishing to medium machining of most carbon and alloy steels and stainless steels. Performs very well in cast and ductile iron applications, too. Provides long and consistent tool life and will produce excellent workpiece finishes.

  • K313
  • Composition: A hard, low binder content, unalloyed WC/Co fine-grain grade.
    Application: Exceptional edge wear resistance combined with very high strength for machining titanium, cast irons, austenitic stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, non-metals, and most high-temp alloys. Superior thermal deformation and depth-of-cut notch resistance. The grain structure is well controlled for minimal pits and flaws, which contributes to long, reliable service.

  • KT608
  • KT608

  • K610
  • K610