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Virtually Unbreakable, Duo-Lock is a new revolutionary coupling for solid carbide end milling applications.

The short design and corner radii provide stability and reduce deflection forces. Ideally suited to perform long-reach applications on mill-turn machines, and driven tooling on lathes. The unique cutting geometry results in low cutting forces, requiring low power consumption. To adapt Duo-LockTM perfectly to your spindle, a vast array of adapters and extensions are available.

Standard length extensions with Safe-LockTM, cylindrical and conical.

Cut-to-size extensions, cylindrical and conical.

Integral adapters with HSK, PSC, CV, and BT back ends.

duolock-callout-w-new blanks kdma

KDMA – KenFeed end mills combine roughing and semi-finishing into one tool, taking very shallow-depth cuts at extremely high feed rates to maximize metal removal rate.

Blanks –  Customizable for your specific geometry requirements on your workpiece and workpiece material.


FGDF Tips – Roughing and finishing with just one tool. Diameter range covers keyway cutting for shaft to hub connections according to ISO standard.

RFDD Tips – High performance roughing solution with excellent chip evacuation, especially in stainless steel




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Duo-Lock Adapters and Wrenches

Metric | Inch
Metric | Inch
Metric | Inch
Metric | Inch
Straight Shank Cylindrical
Metric | Inch
Straight Shank Conical
Metric | Inch
Straight Shank Conical (Modified Length)
Metric | Inch
Straight Shank Cylindrical (Modified Length)
Metric | Inch
Torque Wrench
Metric | Inch
Single-Handed Torque Wrench
Metric | Inch
Double-Handed Wrench Kit
Metric | Inch