• KC422M
  • A very wear resistant TiB2-PVD-coated grade. Its hard coating and tough substrate make KC422M an excellent choice for medium to roughing applications in aluminium with <10% silicon and other non-ferrous materials.

  • KC520M
  • A TiAlN-PVD-coated carbide grade developed specifically for general machining of ductile cast iron and can be used with or without coolant.

  • KC522M
  • AlTiN-PVD-coated carbide grade engineered to provide better performance in general machining of high-temperature alloys and stainless steel. KC522M resists breakage and offers improved wear resistance and increased strength.

  • KC725M
  • A high-performance TiAlN-PVD-coated carbide grade for milling steel, stainless steel and ductile cast iron. The good thermal shock resistance of the substrate makes this grade ideal for both wet and dry machining. KC725M is primarily for use in general and heavy machining.

  • KCK15
  • Composition: A multilayered coating with thick MTCVD TiCN-Al2O3 layers applied over a carbide substrate specifically engineered for cast irons.
    Application: Delivers consistent performance in high-speed machining of grey and ductile irons. The substrate design permits the insert to stay in the cut for a long time at high speeds with minimum deformation. The thick CVD coating and post-coat treatment provide superior wear resistance ensuring long and consistent tool life. Can be applied both in straight and lightly interrupted cuts.

  • KCPK30
  • A multilayered TiN-TiCN-Al2O3-CVD-coated carbide grade with advanced Beyond™ post-coat treatment and a very tough substrate. KCPK30 has a wide application area in general and rough milling of steels and cast irons. It performs best dry but can also be used wet.

  • KCPM20
  • KCPM20 is a multilayered TiN-MT-TiCN-Al2O3-CVD-coated carbide grade with advanced Beyond™ post-coat treatment. The substrate is a well-balanced combination of wear resistance and toughness. KCPM20 is primarily for light and general machining of steels and stainless steels or roughing of cast irons.

  • KCPM40
  • Coated carbide grade with an advanced PVD TiAlN/AlCrN coating. Tough substrate with excellent capability at higher temperatures. KCPM40™ is the first choice for milling steel and stainless steel. Good thermal shock resistance makes this grade ideal for both wet and dry machining. Primarily for use in general and heavy machining.