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Mill 4 Webpage Banner


The Mill 4 Series is specially engineered to achieve excellent surface quality and higher metal removal rates in shoulder milling applications. Its unique design allows you to apply the tool in multiple passes (step down) with outstanding results. From roughing to finishing operations, the Mill 4 series is applicable in a wide range of workpiece materials: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous materials, and high-temp alloys.



A challenge with step down applications is, that most tools leave tool marks with every pass they take. Resulting in unsatisfactory or low quality wall finishes, requiring another finishing pass at the very end of the process.

Applying Mill 4™ delivers pristine wall finishes, and eliminates that finishing pass with an additional tool. That saves you time, and reduces your production cost.

Stepless Solution 350x350px


Double-sided strong insert with 4 cutting edges.


High positive geometry for lower cutting forces.


Superior wall and suface finish capabilities.


Comprehensive offering to cover all applications in all material groups.


All Part of the First Choice Program

Easy to select, easy to order, easy to apply, exceptional performance. Learn more about First Choice:

Mill 4-11_TableTop_X1

Mill 4-11™ INCH

Mill 4-11™ METRIC

Up to 11mm / 0.433" depth of cut.

Superior wall finishes at 6.5 / 0.255" mm depth of cut.

Mill 4-15_TableTop_X1

Mill 4-15™ INCH

Mill 4-15™ METRIC

Up to 15.5mm / 0.590" depth of cut.

Superior wall finishes at 7.5 / 0.295" mm depth of cut.