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Mill 4-12kt Webpage Banner

Tangential Shoulder Milling


Mill 4-12KT requires up to 15% less horsepower, enabling increased feed rates, even on small machines.


The patented insert design — featuring a triangular shaped margin — provides unprecedented stability in steel and cast iron applications.


Excellent floor finishes due to minimal axial runout.


With 7 grades, 7 corner radii, and depth-of-cut range up to .472" (12mm), the program offers versatility to cover many shoulder milling applications.

Patented margin design ensures unprecedented stability.


Tangentially mounted inserts give easy access to insert locking screws.


Coarse and medium pitch cutters with internal coolant supply.


Strong cutter body and strong cutting edges due to tangential design concept.





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Improve cost-per-part (CPP) by increasing productivity when milling a dry roughing to fi nishing application.


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20 Percent Increased Chip Load Per Tooth
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Radially Mounted

Requires large pocket; reduces the core size of the cutter.

Allows very small diameter cutter bodies.

Access to insert screw can be tough.

Tangentially Mounted

A shallow pocket allows for large core size of the cutter.

Very strong cutting edge.

Easy access to insert screw.

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