High-Feed Milling Cutters

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-fine pitch cutters available to increase material removal rates, especially on high-temp alloys.
  • Positive design to support lower cutting forces and long overhang usage.
  • Ramping and plunge milling capabilities.
  • Screw-on cutters provide better rigidity and stability when used with small spindels: BT30, BT40, DV40, HSK50, HSK63, etc.
  • Screw-on cutters can be less expensive when compared to cylindrical shank cutters due to their higher flexibility through multiple holder combinations.


7792VXP06 Modular Head • Screw-On

order numbercatalog numberD1 maxD1L2G3XDPMAp1 maxZ U
5661213 »A7792VXP06SA.625Z2R1.625.2551.000M8.335.0352
5660060 »A7792VXP06SA.75Z2R1.4.750.3801.377M10.413.0352
5661214 »A7792VXP06SA.75Z3R1.4.750.3801.377M10.413.0353
5661215 »A7792VXP06SA1.0Z4R1.4.992.6301.378M12.492.0354
5667958 »A7792VXP06SA1.0Z3R1.41.000.6301.377M12.492.0353
5681114 »A7792VXP06SA1.25Z5R21.250.8801.693M16.669.0355

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