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Helical Shoulder Milling



Up to 8 cutting edges per insert. That’s helical milling at the lowest possible cost-per-edge.


HARVI Ultra 8X helical milling cutters are designed to deliver the highest metal removal rates (MRR), especially in high-temperature alloys.


Lead inserts in various corner radii available, matching the needs of the aerospace industry.


HARVI Ultra 8x Taper Flange Adapters achieve maximum tool stiffness and maximum tool life.


Ideal for machines specifically designed to produce airframe structural parts.

Adjustable coolant nozzles support chip evacuation and control heat in the cutting zone, allowing application specific coolant flow management.


Large helix ensures hassle-free chip evacuation even at highest metal removal rates (MRR).


KM4X™ provides most rigid spindle connection in the industry.


Taper flange provides higher stability than straight flanges, and adds bending moment resistence.


HARVI™ Ultra 8X cutters with different lead row pocket designs available. Especially for applications that require larger corner radii.



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