Evaporator Boats

Kennametal manufactures long lasting and highly energy efficient metal evaporator boats. Our evaporator boats are available in a wide range of styles, and are backed by our high level of customer service to meet all your needs.

Our evaporator boat styles include:

T-Vap™ Max

  • extend evaporator boat life significantly
  • prevent metal overflow and dramatically reduce spitting
  • broad boat surface for higher metallizing productivity

T-Vap™ Select

  • fast break-in means less adjustments needed
  • better wettability and reduced spitting
  • longer performance life


T-Vap™ Plus

  • Includes surface coating so wetting aluminum metal is easier
  • Coating enhances evaporation efficiency
  • Longer evaporator boat life from surface coating

Standard rectangular evaporator boats are also available. Contact us today.



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