Where to Use Conforma Clad™ and UltraFlex™

Conforma Clad and UltraFlex can be applied in a wide range of applications, throughout many industries.

Extruder-prvFood and Feed
In applications with extreme abrasion and erosion, tungsten carbide-based cladding provides uniform protection that is slow to wear. In extruder components, this means more consistent product size and shape coming out of the extruder, which can result in more throughput and fewer trailings.

  • Tungsten carbide grades extend component life by 4x to 8x in abrasive/erosive environments, compared to standard stainless steels.   • Aid in eliminating blowouts due to wear that causes lost product and cross contamination.
  • Alloy grades protect against corrosion.   • Inspection and refurbishment services are available for barrels and liners.


Extruder barrels are an important part of the plastics industry, and Kennametal specializes in protecting them. Multiple cladding grades can be used on critical sections of the barrels. This gives specific wear protection to extend component life. Kennametal also offers inspection and refurbishing services for our extruder barrels and barrel liners.

Screw elements are an essential part of barrel function. We metallurgically bond our cladding to the base material of screw flights and manufacture them to meet your specific barrel tolerances. Maintaining screw-to-barrel clearance ensures consistent extruder temperatures, performance, shear rates, and output quality.

  • Withstands extreme environments of the plastics industry.   • Excellent heat transfer for better process control.
  • Ability to manufacture all makes and sizes of barrels/liners.   • One-piece construction resulting in optimal heat transfer with no chance of sleeve slipping or apex collapse.


riffles-prvPower Generation
Extreme erosion, abrasion and temperatures are prevalent throughout coal power generation processes. Conforma Clad and UltraFlex are extremely thin and lightweight compared to the thickness of steel needed to achieve the same performance.

Use our cladding in areas where you want to extend the time between maintenance cycles from months to years.

  • Lightweight, effective treatment for fan blades, blade liners, housings, and other fan components. Applications include induced-draft and forced-draft fans used in hot primary, gas recirculation, or exhauster locations.   • Meets ASME boiler and pressure vessel code for application on complex geometries, like pendants, u-bends, and other shapes of boiler tubes.
  • Protects conveyance equipment with complex geometries, like chutes, screws, and housings used to convey coal and ash.   • High erosion resistance for coal nozzle tips, venturis, and coal riffles
  • Provides erosion protection in soot blower lanes to eliminate the need for tube shields.   • Effectively protects various types of screens


Use Kennametal cladding solutions for wear challenges in the oil and gas industry. From drilling mud in the drill string to catalyst-entrained oil in the FCC circuit in refineries, Conforma Clad and UltraFlex can extend component life throughout the process.

Our cladding can extend component life by up to 4x in difficult applications:

  • Severe protection for complex geometries of pump components, including impeller exteriors, impeller vanes, casings, inlets and outlets.   • Extended life of large- and small-diameter radial bearings for mud motors. This leads to better motor control and drilling accuracy, and less drilling time.
  • Tighter turning radius and reduced failure rate compared to tiled bearing products.   • Protection from abrasion, erosion and corrosion in non-line-of-sight sections of conveyance components, like IDs on straight pipes, elbows, and bends.


FanBlade_clad-prvGeneral Industrial
Make Kennametal cladding solutions your first choice for abrasion, erosion, or corrosion resistance for complex steel substrates. Conforma Clad and UltraFlex extend component life, and reduce downtime and unplanned outages.

Use our cladding in a wide range of applications, including:

  • conveyance pipe   • boiler tubes
  • pump components   • processing equipment
  • valve components   • screw conveyors
  • fan blades and housings   • screens