Kennametal Tungsten Powders

Kennametal manufactures high-quality refractory tungsten (W) powders using automated reduction of tungsten oxide. These powders are used in a variety of applications including: electrical contacts, chemical catalysts, thermal spray, munitions, medical shielding, and cutting tools.

Kennametal’s special powder processing services allows users to specify their powders with a narrow particle size distribution, apparent density and/or flow characteristics. 

Tungsten Powders Data Sheet

Crystalline Tungsten Powders Data Sheet

Tungsten Powder

We manufacture tungsten powder for use in electrical contacts, airbag deployment systems, and as the beginning material in tungsten mill products and wire. It is also used in particle guns for genetic modification of plants and vegetables and in radiation compensators.

Coarse Tungsten Powder

  • Intended for applications that use non-thermal powder consolidation technologies (tungsten– polymer/elastomer, deformable metal binder, etc.)
  • Special powder processing services available for narrow distribution, increased apparent density, and/or high flowability
  • Coarse particle sizes with low alkali metal content are ideal for thermal spray
  • Widely used for lead-free ammunition and moldable radiation shielding products
  • Useful as a pour-in high density filling material for irregular shaped cavities to add weight or radiation attenuation

Crystalline Tungsten Powder

Crystalline tungsten powders (matrix and spray) are used for infiltration in mining bits and other oil and gas applications. It is also used in a variety of other applications: lead replacement, golf club weights, show dog ear weights and more.

Granulated Tungsten Powder

Granulated tungsten powder includes accelerator and alloy powders. It is used as a catalyst in laboratory material analyzers.

Prepared Tungsten Powder

Prepared tungsten powder (high apparent density powder) is a combination of different sized powders. It is used for casting and other special applications.


All powder is commercially uniform in purity. The chemical and physical analyses are determined for each production lot of powder by using commercially accepted methods. The results of all relevant tests are reported to the customer on a Certificate of Analysis.  

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