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Safety Guidlines

personal protection equipment ilustration

1. Wear-approved personal protection equipment, including:

  • eye and ear protection
  •  steel-toed shoes
  • protective helmets
  • gloves
  • vest
seated tool
2. Make sure tools are properly seated and securely retained. 
removing tool
3. Exercise care when removing tools.
operating machine

4. Operate all machines with safety in mind. Stand clear of machines in use, and make sure protective guards are in place.

machine wheel

5. Do not change tools when the cutting chain, drum, or wheel is moving or still engaged.

machine element

6. Allow machine to cool and always wear protective gloves to inspect or touch conicals.

inspecting tool

7. Inspect tools daily. Do not use dull, cracked, burred, or bent tools.


Many injuries occur during tool change-out in construction and surface mining sites. Kennametal recommends the installer be equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for each task. Using Kennametal tools to install conicals is recommended. If proper tools are not used, the clip retaining strength could be weakened and could result in lost tool and machine productivity.