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Overview Wrenches

Screwdrivers, Bits, Torque Wrench, and Bit Drivers

Product specifications
Product # 6205892
ISO Catalog Number BTQTP25L90
ANSI Catalog Number BTQTP25L90
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Torque-Controlled Wrenches • 5–14 Nm (3.7–10.3 ft. lbs.)

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade
6205892 BTQTP25L90 BTQTP25L90
6205876 BTQSW3L90 BTQSW3L90
6205877 BTQT15L90 BTQT15L90
6205878 BTQT20L90 BTQT20L90
6205879 BTQT25L90 BTQT25L90
6197561 DTQ50140 DTQ50140
6205880 BTQTP15L90 BTQTP15L90
6205891 BTQTP20L90 BTQTP20L90