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TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series
TG50 Series

Collets and Sleeves

TG50 Series

SAP Material Number 1013719
ISO Catalog Number 50TG0094
ANSI Catalog Number 50TG0094
[CCCX] Collet Capacity Maximum 2.3880
[CCCX] Collet Capacity Maximum .0940
[CCCN] Collet Capacity Minimum 1.9840
[CCCN] Collet Capacity Minimum .0781
[L9] Clamping Hole Length 18.0340
[L9] Clamping Hole Length .7100
[D1] Clamping Diameter Maximum 2.3880
[D1] Clamping Diameter Maximum .0940
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Features and benefits

  • Rubber-filled slots seal collet for coolant-fed tool applications.

  • Provides Tremendous Grip (3:1 advantage) and accuracy for all drilling applications.

  • Industry-standard Erickson™ single-angle collet system.

  • 0,13mm (.005") range of collapse.

  • 50TG 0,4mm [.016" (1/64)] range of collapse.

  • 50TGTGC and 50TGCHP 0,13mm (.005") range of collapse.

  • 50TGHP 0,25mm (.010") range of collapse.

  • Grips on back taper and margin of drill for maximum feed rates and more accurate holes.

  • Manufactured to DIN 6499 Class 2 accuracy; see page [44064].

  • HP design manufactured to DIN 6499 class/accuracy.