Cutting Tools


Regardless of what you're mining on the surface, it's what's under your machine on the cutting drum that makes the difference in productivity for the day. If you're using Kennametal cutting bits and crushers, you'll see the difference. Every day.

Surface Miner Cutting Tools

Because you encounter different conditions in surface mining, we created three different levels of cutting tools to choose from. Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold series tools are the good, better, and best levels of tools to meet condition, machine, and budget demands.

Gold Series

Our GOLD X-series (TSCX, KSMX) tools are top of the line and our very best tools.

  • Exceptionally strong bodies with proprietary hardness throughout the entire head
  • Longer performance, fewer bits used, and less machine downtime from broken bits
  • Latest tip designs for the best penetration rates
  • Extra-wide collars safeguard the blocks
  • Secure them in the block with TR3 retainers
  • Available in 38/30 step shank, 42mm shank, and 43/35 step shank sizes
  • Designed for light to severe cutting conditions

Silver Series

TSM series and made-to-order KSM series silver-level tools give you the extra boost in performance when you need something more than ordinary.

  • Carbide tips made with unique grades and designs
  • Use in light to severe conditions to cut any material effectively
  • Extra-wide collars protect the block face
  • Better performance and longer tool life than comparable tools
  • Secure them in the block with the KR112 retainer (TS series) or the CM6H retainer (KSM series).


Bronze Series

Our U-series bronze level tools are the classic Kennametal cutting tools you've known and respected for years. They are time-tested and proven as workhorses for everyday applications. U-series tools include U47GB, U47, U47HD, and U47-52 cutting bits. They feature the latest tip designs so you're ensured the best penetration for the application.


Crusher Tooling

Five different shank sizes, 12 different gage lengths, and the ability to fit most feeder breakers and sizers on the market make Kennametal crusher tools some of the most versatile on the market.

We designed these tools with heat-treated steel bodies, incredible impact strength, and easy, safe installation and removal. The protected braze joint slows steel wash so you get extra-long tool life.

Hardfacing is available for exceptionally tough crushing jobs. See the full line of tooling in the Surface Mining catalog pdf download on this page.