In surface mining, wear is everywhere. So is Kennametal. From the liners of shovel buckets and truck beds, to grader blade end protectors, to crusher grizzlies and screens, to VSI center feed discs. We're there with a wear solution that will save you time, money, and lost production due to equipment wear damage.

KenCast™ Wear Protection

KenCast is our patented, unique tungsten carbide wear product that prevents premature wear damage to your equipment, so your equipment investment lasts longer.

We take tungsten carbide particles and metallurgically bond them to air-hardened steel. The result is a composite that's extremely resistant to abrasion and impact.

Prior to first use, the outer surface of the KenCast part looks smooth because the carbide particles are encased. During use, the outer layer of steel gradually wears to expose the tungsten carbide particles. It’s these particles that take the punishment of your abrasive applications so your equipment doesn't.

It’s common for customers to see significantly longer tool life on parts protected by KenCast, which is available in standard sizes or custom-fit to your equipment. KenCast is easy to weld and highly durable in challenging conditions.

Use KenCast on:

  • bucket lips
  • drill stabilizers
  • grouser bars
  • shovel protection
  • dozer blade wear areas


Super-C is a chromium carbide overlay, wear resistant plate with a mild steel base for weldability.

Our unique cladding process makes our Super-C different, and better, than other chromium carbide plates on the market. Our Super-C is harder, tougher, and more wear-resistant because of the special cladding process.

What does this mean for you?

  • Use in severe abrasion, moderate-impact applications
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance
  • Our exclusive herringbone pattern breaks up flow channels and premature plate wear, regardless of the direction it is installed
  • Easily welded, bolted, or studded to existing structures
  • Use on nickel-based, stainless, or other steel substrates


Tri-Braze takes on your absolutely toughest impact and abrasion challenges. We combine a balance of alloying elements with controlled heat treating and very low sulfur. The result is a perfect ratio of hardness and toughness.

Tri-Braze is the standard by which all other impact- and abrasion-resistant alloy steels are measured.

What does this mean for you?

  • Full hardness throughout the plate, which avoids the soft middle common on lesser quality plates
  • Excellent weldability in field conditions, where you need it most
  • Highest impact resistance in the industry
  • Long performance life with far less downtime means lower maintenance costs

Special Treated Pins

Our special treated pins deliver more savings, output, and equipment uptime for you because of the selection, control, and proprietary processing of raw materials we do.

Our induction hardened pins maintain an extremely tough inner core while keeping an extreme depth of hardness. We use proprietary material and the latest heat-treat technology.

Super-X™ pins were developed specifically for applications with severe heat and wear. This pin is a composite with a tough inner core and super-hard, heat-resisting surface.

Our pin stock inventories are always stocked and ready because we know downtime of wear-prone machines can happen at any time. Our pin stock is many things: mill certified, inspected ultrasonically, heat treated, straightened, and stress relieved to our specifications.

Prime Arc

We made our Prime Art welding consumables to give you the best hard surfacing, build-up, and joining products available on the market.

Prime Arc joining electrodes and wires are perfect for field welding in the most difficult conditions. Our electrodes are designed for joining high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel, manganese steel, and dissimilar metals.
Because rebuilt parts often exceed OEM specifications for service life, we made Prime Arc build-up consumables for repairing and resurfacing expensive, worn parts.

Prime Arc wire is ideal for hard surfacing for wear protection in tough applications like hard rock, earth moving, and metal-to-metal.

Our unique tubular hard surfacing rods give you very high deposition rates and come in a range of chromium and tungsten carbide formulas.