Cutting Systems


Cutting coal and other underground materials is what you do best. But the job can take you into challenging conditions. Coal seams can be tough on your cutting tools, so you need tools that are equally tough.

If your current drums, blocks, and core breakers aren’t making the cut and keeping up with your expectations, see what Kennametal offers. It’s what we do best, too.

Custom-Designed Drums

We design, build, tool, and service longwall shearer and continuous miner drums.

Each has a unique computer-designed lacing pattern that maximizes cutting action of the blocks and bits. Drums are balanced so you get near-zero machine vibration.

We back our drums with an exceptional maintenance program so there’s no exception to their performance. Add on Kennametal blocks and cutting bits for a combination that works as hard as you do.

Blocks & Sleeves

K225 Slim Line Block

Don’t let the slim design fool you. Our K225 Slim Line workhorse block systems have a slim front that means better material flow over the drum and less fines production. Less fines means less dust in your work area; that’s important.

K225 features a longer barrel and full-length rotating sleeves, and it accepts straight shank and step shank tools.

Our new heat treat process makes this block more resistant to wear and fatigue, so it lasts longer. The large mounting base means more weld area to hold the block securely onto the drum. The block is available with water spray.

K35S and K35W Block Systems

The K35S and K35W blocks feature longer barrels that are up to 13% larger than competitive blocks. That means plenty of room and a more secure fit for the cutting bit and sleeve.

The water spray feature on the K35W blocks significantly reduces dust and fines in the work area.

These blocks accept both straight shank and step shank tools, and have a full-length pressed fit or rotating sleeve. The thick base and induction hardened block bore mean less fatigue cracking and much better wear and bore life than other blocks on the market.

Core Breakers

When you're in a hard coal seam and need extra muscle to break through it, use Kennametal core breakers.

We design and build them with heavy-duty construction for challenging mining conditions. They'll give you extra sump and shear rates, which mean faster shuttle car loading. They produce larger, more consistent coal chunks, which means less fines and dust.

Tool changes are faster and more economical too. Change only the worn tool, not the entire unit, and get back to mining faster. Original load and penetration rates are maintained.

Our core breakers fit 38" and 44" underground mining drums.