Wear Protection


Underground mining takes your equipment and tooling into some pretty rough conditions. Unprotected, they can suffer wear damage that can slow or halt production. You can’t afford that.

The affordable alternative is KenCast™ wear protection. Use it on longwall drums, continuous miners, shearer drums, continuous loading arms, and any other equipment that wrestles daily with abrasive materials.

KenCast Wear Protection

KenCast is our patented, unique tungsten carbide wear product that prevents premature wear damage to your equipment, so your equipment investment lasts longer.

We take tungsten carbide particles and metallurgically bond them to air-hardened steel. The result is a composite that's extremely resistant to abrasion and impact.

Prior to first use, the outer surface of the KenCast part looks smooth because the carbide particles are encased. During use, the outer layer of steel gradually wears to expose the tungsten carbide particles. It’s these particles that take the punishment of your abrasive applications so your equipment doesn't.

It’s common for customers to see significantly longer tool life on parts protected by KenCast, which is available in standard sizes or custom-fit to your equipment. KenCast is easy to weld and highly durable in challenging underground conditions.