Master Catalog 2013 Now Available!

2,000 pages of Kennametal's best tooling!

Replaces all other Kennametal metalworking catalogs - everything you need is in one book!

Our new Master Catalog 2013 puts Kennametal's complete tooling lineup at your fingertips in one inclusive catalog. No more hunting through individual catalogs to find what you need. This book replaces all other Kennametal metalworking catalogs so it's your one-stop shop for finding and buying the best metalcutting tools.


GOdrill™ - Our first microdrill! High-performance solid carbide drill.

High-Performance Beyond Drills - material-specific drills designed for steel, cast iron, and stainless steel

KSEM PLUS™ Modular Drills - combines the benefits of our KSEM modular drill (high feeds and L/D ratios) with those of an indexable drill (high speeds, lower costs)

BEYOND™ High-Performance Solid Carbide Taps - get more production from a single tool


Beyond BLAST™ KSSM45 and KSRM - featuring technology that puts coolant though the insert to the cutting edge    

Dodeka™ Series - Dodeka Mini™ and Dodeka MAX™ are the best milling boosters on the market today with up to 35% better tool life and 30% higher metal removal rates

MEGA Cutters - heavy-duty milling workhorse cutters designed for steel and cast iron indexable milling

Mill 1™ - high-performance tool in all materials for shoulder, ramp, slot, plunge, and helical milling


Beyond BLAST™ - inserts with advanced coolant-delivery design directly through the insert

Beyond™ PVD Grades - advanced coatings provide up to 40% longer tool life in high-temperature alloy machining

PCBN, PCD Superhard Materials - superior to all other materials for abrasion resistance and toughness

Grooving and Cut-Off - A2™ -CL geometry and A4™ -GUP geometry for better grooving and cut-off capabilities

Kennametal Select™ - gold inserts for easy wear detection to protect workpiece and maximize insert value


HARVI™ High-Performance End Mills - rough and finish with one tool at maximum metal removal rates

KenFeed™ End Mills - 6-flute style designed for high productivity in hardened steels at high speeds and feeds

KCN05™ Diamond-Coated Routers - your solution for machining difficult CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced polymer)

GOmill™ -  the economical end milling tools in three geometries for roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, and slotting

MaxiMet™ - carbide end mills for high metal removal rates and outstanding surface finishes