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      DAL Drills • CFRP-Ti-Stacks • Through Coolant
      DAL Drills • CFRP-Ti-Stacks • Through Coolant
      DAL Drills • CFRP-Ti-Stacks • Through Coolant
      DAL Drills • CFRP-Ti-Stacks • Through Coolant

      B556A_DAL • ~3 x D

      DAL Drills • CFRP-Ti-Stacks • Through Coolant

      SAP Material Number 5420805
      ISO Catalog Number B556A09525DAL
      ANSI Catalog Number B556A09525DAL
      Grade KN15
      [D1] Drill Diameter M 9.5250
      [D1] Drill Diameter M .3750
      [L] Overall Length 89.0000
      [L] Overall Length 3.503
      [L3] Flute Length 47.0000
      [L3] Flute Length 1.850
      [L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 35.0000
      [L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 1.378
      [L5] Drill Point Length 1.6900
      [L5] Drill Point Length .0665
      [LS] Shank Length 40.0
      [LS] Shank Length 1.574
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 10.0
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter .3937
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      Uses and application

      • DrillingDrilling
      • Drilling: Stacked PlatesDrilling: Stacked Plates
      • Helix Angle: 15°Helix Angle: 15°
      • DIN number 6537DIN number 6537
      • DIN number 6535DIN number 6535
      • Through Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): DrillingThrough Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): Drilling
      • Tool Dimensions: 2flute/2margin/coolantTool Dimensions: 2flute/2margin/coolant
      • Drilling Depth: 3xDrilling Depth: 3x
      • Drilling - Through CoolantDrilling - Through Coolant

      Workpiece Materials

      C CFRP Materials

      Features and benefits

      • DAL drills for machining of CFRP-metal stack materials.

      • Material-specific SC drill for combinations: CFRP-Ti-Al as well as CFRP-Ti, CFRP-Al, and also straight Ti or Al; with double-angle point design for bur-free exits when exiting metal side of stack.

      • Sharp cutting edge to cleanly cut CFRPs as top layer in CFRP-metal stacks.

      • The drill diameter is ground to a k6 tolerance and can achieve hole tolerances of H8.

      • Excellent centering capabilities.

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side



      • KN15

        Composition: Uncoated, highly wear-resistant fine-grain carbide.

        Application: Highly polished chip flute surfaces ensure superior chip evacuation and reduce tendency for built-up edges. First choice for non-ferrous materials.

        C CFRP Materials
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