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Utensili con codolo HSK40C

Adattatori modulari

Product specifications
Product # 1520613
ISO Catalog Number HSK40CHSK32050M
ANSI Catalog Number HSK40CHSK32050M
[CSWS]System SizeWorkpieceSide HSK32
[D2]Body Dia 1 Workpce Side mm 31,98
[L1]Gage Length 1 Metric 50
Actuation Screw ID Drive Size 3 mm
Torque Newton Meters 6
Weight Kilograms .27
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HSK-HSK forma C

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [CSWS]System SizeWorkpieceSide [D2]Body Dia 1 Workpce Side mm [L1]Gage Length 1 Metric Actuation Screw ID Drive Size Torque Newton Meters Weight Kilograms
1520613 HSK40CHSK32050M HSK40CHSK32050M HSK32 31,98 50 3 mm 6 .27

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Codolo — HSK DIN 69893 Forma C
  • Codolo — HSK DIN 69893
  • Refrigerante — Adduzione interna di refrigerante