CAT50 Shank Tools

Tap Chucks RC Tension and Compression

Caratteristiche e vantaggi

  • Rapid Change Style.
  • High-pressure coolant capability through the chuck.


RC Coolant-CV Form AD

dimensione del maschio in mm
numero d’ordinecodice catalogodimensioni adattatoremmpolliciD1D2L1lbs
1615989 »CV50CHTCRC13821M1 - M14#0 - 9/16.751.423.827.70
1615990 »CV50CHTCRC25242M5 - M245/16 - 7/
1616001 »CV50CHTCRC37173M14 - M2713/16 - 1 3/81.893.077.1716.30
NOTE: Quick-change tap adapters are available and must be ordered separately; see page [REFERENCE]. For retention knobs, see page [REFERENCE].