Shell Mill Adaptors with Through Coolant

DV40 Shank Tools


SMC Lock MM-DV Form B/AD

注文番号型番FIRST CHOICE EMEAD1D2L1G1D4ロックねじドライブキーレンチサイズ(ロックねじ用)kg
3767833 »DV40BSMC27035MY2750.035KLSS27MSMK27M10 mm1.14
3767834 »DV40BSMC27100M2760.0100KLSS27MKDK27M10 mm2.05
3767835 »DV40BSMC32050MY3278.050KLSS32MKDK32M14 mm1.77
3767836 »DV40BSMC32100M3278.0100KLSS32MKDK32M14 mm2.54
3767837 »DV40BSMC40050M4089.350M12X1.7567KLSS40MKDK40M17 mm2.01
3767838 »DV40BSMC40100M4089.3100M12X1.7567KLSS40MKDK40M17 mm3.23
NOTE: Do not overtighten lock screw. Supplied with lock screw and drive keys. Lock screw wrench not included. For retention knobs, see page [REFERENCE].