How can NOVO help improve my processes?

NOVO advises you on the right tools for the metal cutting job.

It thinks like a process planner working in CAD-CAM software: "I need to make a 1/2" hole x 1-1/2" deep in ANSI 4140 steel." Step-by-step, NOVO guides you through a series of parameters to determine the best tool for the job.

The result is the power of NOVO digital intelligence: You get ranked tool recommendations that meet your requirements and are based on the machining environment and user preference.


1. Define Machining Feature

Face milling, slotting, blind hole, and more

3. Set Machining Sequences

Rough, finish, and rough and finish single tool and multiple options

2. Apply Constraints Requirements

Geometric, material, and tolerance (future: Machine)

4. Ranked Results

Results are ranked to bring the best performing products for the best value to the top of the list.


What customers are saying

Tool proposal
in 30 minutes


Case Study:

A customer needed to mill Inconel, but didn't have much experience with that material or the tools to use. The customer put out two RFP's with a mandatory response time of 2 hours. They asked Kennametal and a competitor to provide machining recommendations, as well as case studies, within 2 hours of their request. Expected delivery of the job was 2 days after the proposal was accepted.

Typically it would take 5 hours to 1 day to put together a recommendation. In this case, we only had two hours. We needed to propose the right tool the first time, as well as check availability, reference catalogs, and check case studies.

We used the NOVO Tool Advisor and Availability option because we knew it would deliver the most accurate results quickly. Originally we planned to recommend grade KCPK30/KC725M for Iconel milling. However, the Tool Advisor suggested grade KCSM30, the latest grade designed specifically for machining Inconel.

With the help of NOVO Tool Advisor, we configured the new tooling within 30 minutes and sent the offer to the customer within 1 hour! NOVO improved our efficiency at the right time, and helped to meet customer requirements on time!


Where can I get it?

NOVOTM Highlights:

  • ToolBOSS connectivity
  • Request-a-quote from your sales representative
  • Find replacements for obsolete tools
  • Advisor for over 20 common machining features
  • Ability to save tool list by job for future use and sharing
  • Instant access to tool assembly models and application data (ISO13399)
  • Models are compatible with most commercial CAM systems
  • Available for Windows and all major tablets.
  • Product enhancements
  • And more!

How can NOVO help me find the best tools?