NOVO Knows Art to Part to Profit.

NOVO is a suite of powerful digital tools. It links together process planning; inventory availability and purchase; cost-per-part management; and productivity improvements.

NOVO™ Optimize reports real-time and historical data of how cutting tools and machines are performing in your shop, and recommends improvement opportunities.

Actual tool data of one milling cutter
used in multiple jobs across one shop


Maximize tool performance

NOVO Optimize reports individual tool performance so inefficiencies are identified. In the diagram above, actual machining results show clearly how often one milling cutter was run according to plan. The chart also shows how far off plan the tool was run, and how often. In most cases the tool was run at feeds and speeds that deviated from plan. Such deviations can cause a shop to lose money, time, and productivity.

NOVO Optimize recommends the correct machining range to achieve the best tool performance and efficiency.